Update on The Flying Training

Well with more and more students coming on board we find ourselves getting quite busy. We have met up with some great people that have now become a part of the ‘Edge’ family.

Given the weather that we have had of late the new Jabiru has managed in 4 months to be nearly due for its 1st 100 hourly inspection. So without even trying to promote the training it has surpassed our expectations. Thanks to you all that have come along to train with us.

The next Jabiru will be here Mid February 2010. Wish it was sooner but Jabiru have had a lot of orders due to the 50% tax rebate. Thanks Kevin, we are getting two for the price of one!!!!

A friend of ours who is getting back into flying has also ordered a new J230 Jabiru to go on line with the flying school so our students will have another nice aircraft for hire and fly. Good on ya Phil you will love it and all the flying you will do in the future.With summer at our doorstep we are expecting to be very busy indeed. So anyone reading this if you want live that dream to fly pay us a visit.Jab cropped