West Sale Aerodrome

The West Sale Aerodrome was built for WW2 air training and coastal defence purposes. It was owned and operated as a public aerodrome by the Commonwealth of Australia until 1990 when it was transferred to local Councils under the Commonwealth Government’s Local Ownership Plan.

First known as the Central Gippsland Plains it then became an airfield in 1939 and then compulsorily acquired by the government for use as a RAAF Base in 1941 after the war broke out. During the period of WW2 it was the home of the Central Gunnery School. No.3 Bombing and Gunnery School was officially established on 12 January 1942.

The first aircraft to arrive were five Fairey Battles on the 22nd January 1942. Training commenced on the 7th March with 42 trainee Observers from Mt Gambier, South Australia.

West Sale was also the home of No. 1 Operational Training Unit which provided the final phase of training for complete aircrews before they joined an operational squadron.

After the war in early 1949, the site of the former RAAF Base was designated as the West Sale Immigrant Holding Centre. This holding Centre was to house the wives and children of displaced persons from Europe.

The Wellington Shire Council now owns and manages the West Sale Aerodrome located 8 km west of Sale township at Fulham.

The West Sale Aerodrome serves as a regional facility for commercial, general and military aviation purposes. The main users are the oil and gas industry, air ambulance and emergency services, commercial charter operators, private business, recreational flying and  for civilian and RAAF flight training.

The West Sale Aerodrome is a public aerodrome with a 1528 metre long 30 metre wide all weather sealed runway with pilot activated lighting.

Full refuelling facilities are available on site including AVGAS and Jet-A1.

Two grass runways are also available.

A terminal building is located at the aerodrome with car parking, public phone and waiting room facilities.

No landing fees apply.

If you are flying into West Sale refer to ERSA for RAAF Control Zone clearance information. This airfield is no different than any other Control Zone and you will find the RAAF Air Traffic Controllers very friendly and helpful. If you have any questions please give us a call.

The reporting officer at West Sale aerodrome can be contacted on (03) 5149 2337 or 0407 835 419

The West Sale facilities also include numerous aviation support industries and a TAFE college

Further enquiries may be directed to the Aerodrome Manager on (03) 5142 3384

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