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Permanon Aircraft Cleaning Products


Edge Aviation has just secured the sole distributorship for Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region for the Permanon range of aircraft cleaning products. There has always been a limit to the number of high quality products for cleaning your aircraft. I have personally used these products and will now use no other as I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the products. There ease of use, effectiveness and value for money make this product a must have in your aircraft hangar or at your maintenance facility.

Not sufficient attention is paid to the good reasons for keeping your aircraft clean, other than the obvious one that it looks nice!

Cleaning protects the surface of your aircraft at the same time making it look great. The Permanon Aircraft Supershine for example contains Polymers in a water based solution, meaning it is not carried in substances such as alcohol which is flammable. The surface polymers combine electrostatically with the surface and provide a monomeric invisible protective film.

The result is a beautiful shine on the surface of your aircraft and a protective film which means dirt and insects do not adhere to the surface as well and are much easier to remove. Perspex and glass are left clean and shiny with the Glass and Perspex cleaner with no smearing. The surface repells water and insects are easy to remove.


1 litre coats approximately 1000 square metres

For Aircraft of all type


For all surfaces and materials: For instruments, propellers, fuselage and wings, interior appointments, stainless steel and leather seats. For all exterior and interior surfaces.

  • For glass, steel and painted surfaces
  • Lots of time-saving, high surface care, high level protection through simple and effective application
  • UV resistant, temperature resistant to 300°C
  • Suitable for all surfaces and materials
  • Value conservation through UV and corrosion resistance
  • No chemical reaction with surfaces
  • Based on the natural element Si14
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Completely biodegradable!

Available in Aircraft Supershine as an after wash solution.

Microair Avionics Products

Edge Aviation is an authorised Microair Avionics dealer. We provide some of the most competitive prices on these excellent Australian manufactured products. For more information about the Microair range of products visit their website

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