Happy New Year

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to you all. 2010 is going to bring many changes for Edge Aviation.

Having spent the past ten years working hard to establish a successful business we now look forward to a little more time for us and trying to give something extra to aviation. The flying training is one way we intend doing this by passing on this wonderful skill to others. Along with that maybe a little time to ourselves to enjoy what we have earnt over the years. This year I intend being a little selfish as I think it time that Bob and I looked a little more after ourselves.

We have a few good and close friends and we hope that we can continue to grow those relationships as well as enjoy watching our grandson grow. Gee what fun it is being a grandparent. When you are not having such a good day you just take one look at them and it all seems better.

Bob and I hope that you all enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. We hope that the friendships grow stronger and that you treasure your families and if you fly then keep safe.

Other than that we at Edge say “get on with it, live your dreams and let no negative cinical or miserable bastard get in your way”.

All the very best wishes to you all. Have a great 2010.