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Recreational Aviation Australia Inc home pageRecreational flying is the fastest growing sector of the aviation industry today. Recreational Aviation Australia or RA-Aus as it is known is the self governing body responsible for the administration of recreational flying in Australia.

Unlike the old ‘ultralight’ days recreational flying is safer and the training more comprehensive than in the past. With many more aircraft types available and many of them being more sophisticated and higher in performance means that this is now a far more mature sector of the aviation industry.

Many training facilities now have instructors with a background in General Aviation and there are more and more of these training facilities training both RA-Aus and General Aviation. Hence you get the best of both worlds.

More cost effective and less bureaucratic means that you can enjoy your flying. However having trained as an RA-Aus pilot and you decide to continue and pursue your General Aviation licenses or even fly professionally then recreational flying now provides a great stepping stone and the progression is far easier than it used to be in the past.

If you are content with your home built kit aircraft or something that is truly of the ultralight category then you can still have the pleasure of not too many constraints to spoil your flying. Having said that RA-Aus are committed to ensuring safe aircraft and training of a standard that ensures your safety and allows you to enjoy flying for years to come.

There are so many options these days of numerous training facilities and of course many aircraft to choose from.

So if flying has been a dream of yours then dream no longer! Recreational flying can have you achieve that dream more cost effectively and with less fuss.

You should drop into a flying training facility near you and get as much information as you can. This will ensure you make the right decisions.

For more information about RA-Aus you can check out www.ra-aus.net. You will find a heap of great information here and if you have any further questions then you can call RA-Aus and they will be only too happy to assist you with your inquiries.

If not come out to Edge Aviation as we are more than happy to walk you through all the options. You can discuss flight training with experienced instructors, discuss aircraft with our qualified engineers and all this at no obligation and free of charge.

About Our Facility

Edge Aviation Flight Training is located on West Sale Airport. Access to the main eastern apron places our facility in a prime position.

Edge Aviation apart from flight training has expertise in aircraft design, aircraft maintenance and many other professional services which we provide to the aviation industry.

Our own maintenance facility means we ensure the highest quality of maintenance for the aircraft that you will be flying. It also means that our aircraft if requiring maintenance will be out of service for a minimum period of time. You should always have aircraft available to fly.

That’s not all – when visiting Edge Aviation for your flight training you can relax in our fully licensed bar and cafe – Runways Edge Bar & Cafe. This facility is there for your comfort and use. No stark dark dusty classroom or back office somewhere. This place is new, modern, fresh and inviting.

Apart from getting high quality training we want you to be comfortable.

We welcome family and friends of our students, who can enjoy the facility whilst waiting for their friend or partner to complete their flying training lesson.

We also use this facility for booked functions as well as a place to introduce people to West Sale and the facilities at Edge Aviation.

We look forward to seeing you here and welcome suggestions for the facility and your feedback. This is about you and your flight training as well as your comfort.

The Jabiru Aircraft

The J160D Jabiru aircraft pictured opposite is currently our aircraft of choice for training.

The aircraft is manufactured in Bundaberg in Queensland. You can checkout their website at www.jabiru.net.au for more information on the aircraft that are available.

The J160D we have chosen for several reasons. First is it exceptional value for money. Second it behaves very well as a training aircraft and is also nice as a hire and fly option once you are fully trained.

It is a two place aircraft with full dual flight controls. It carries enough baggage (if you pack light) for a trip away. The 135 litre fuel capacity in the wing tanks and a fuel burn of 13-14 litres an hour means you are going a fair distance before requiring a refuel. You are most likely to need a pit stop yourself before the aircraft!!

I have a confession to make as I thought I was not that keen on the Jabiru, however after the hours I have spent flying it I have to tell you it is quite sweet to fly. I am satisfied enough with the handling characteristics as well as the quality of the aircraft that we have ordered a second one and expect a third in the not too distant future.

The Jabiru will make a great fleet aircraft, with customer support and product support in our own backyard. Jabiru provide excellent service looking after everyone in their Jabiru ‘family’.

Not to mention keeping Australian jobs in Australia.

There are many options in the Jabiru from factory built to kits. If you are considering an aircraft purchase then the Jabiru is well worth a look.

The Edge Aviation J160D

The Instrument Panel in out J160D

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes to train to become a pilot is very much up to you. Obviously if you have time available and the weather permits then it can be quite quick.

You are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours flight training for your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate (excluding cross country). This you could achieve in a period 3-4 months comfortably subject to the above, time, weather and I guess also money. You also require at least that time again in the classroom with briefings. There is plenty of opportunity if you are disciplined to self study much of the material at home in preparation for your lesson. You can discuss all this with your instructor and find a program that will work for you personally.

Fulltime training is available and in the not too distant future we will be catering for students to stay on site while they complete their training.

In the initial stages of training it is recommended to fly as often as you can generally no less than once a week. This provides continuity in your training minimising having to duplicate some training sessions.

There is no doubt we live in busy times however if serious about learning to fly you do need to commit some time to not just the practical aspect of flying but also to the theory. It is not just a case of handing over the cash and you get a pilots licence. If you are disciplined and self study at home then you will minimise the time you require in the classroom!

Whilst we do the best to accommodate your training we cannot make you do the study that is up to you, so keep it in mind when you make your decision to learn to fly.

Aircraft For Hire

Edge Aviation has a number of aircraft for hire.

  • Cessna 172N – VH-BFK – $185 per hour
  • Jabiru J160D’s – 24-7090 and 24-7890 – $125 per hour
  • Jabiru J230D – 24-7590 – $155 per hour

All aircraft are wet hire. All aircraft are insured with Allianz.

If you have any questions regarding the hire of our aircraft please feel free to contact us for further information we are more than happy to assist with any inquiries. If there are other aircraft that you are interested in please inquire as we have access to a number of other aircraft for private hire.


How Much Does It Cost?

Cost can vary slightly should you exceed the minimum training hours required to attain certain levels of proficiency. However the costs are fairly consistent for most students.

Schools charge fees for different services, for example some charge for you to sit exams. You need to ask what you are going to be charged for and ensure there are no hidden costs. At Edge Aviation there are no hidden costs. What we quote you is what it will cost.

You can download a PDF copy of our current price list and general information brochure by clicking on Price List below. Hopefully this will help you when determining if you can afford to pursue your training. There are several payment options so it is a good idea to talk to us about how you can fund your training and when you have to pay for certain stages of your training.

So the cost is not a definitive figure, it will depend on many factors. This is explained to some extent in the Price List and General Information Brochure.

However if you have any questions at all then please call us or drop in and see us. We will answer any questions that you may have.

However if you wish to structure your training to suit you personally then come and discuss options and we will try very hard to meet your needs.

Price List

Other Stuff We Do

Many schools now have in their Physics courses the principles as they relate to aerospace. Edge Aviation annually supports the locals schools and colleges with information sessions on the subject of aerodynamics and the associated principles as they relate to flight.

The students find this most informative not to mention the onsite excursion to Edge Aviation making those principles and flying a little more real and hence relevant.

So far 4 students from Gippsland Grammar have gone on to pursue careers in aviation.

To support our industry and give children and young adults the opportunity to explore a future with aviation, whether it be recreational or professional we welcome visitors to our premises.

We are in the process of developing other programs, so watch this space and check out our blog as it is updated.

We recently provided an aircraft for the local TAFE College for aircraft marshalling. So wherever possible we try and provide opportunities for people and organisations interested in the aviation industry.