First Two Solo Students

I have been a bit tardy getting this post up, but better a bit late than not at all. Edge Aviation has it’s first two solo students with several more close on their heels.

Ryan Linard pictured at left is the son of a close friend of ours. I have watched Ryan grow from a boy to the delightful young man he is today. I considered it an honour to be able to teach him to fly, and a fine pilot he is proving to be. Ryan is due for his RA-Aus Pilot Certificate test in the next couple of days and then we will be off on his Cross Country training.

Craig Gardiner pictured right came to Edge Aviation with no previous flying experience unlike Ryan who had been exposed to the aviation industry all his life. Craig took to flying very well and has almost completed the training for his Pilot Certificate. The Christmas break has slowed down the training a little for some of the students with other family commitments taking priority. And yes family must always come first.

Congratulations to both these guys for achieving their goal to learn to fly. Their lives will be forever changed as they experience this great activity and new found freedom.

We look forward to seeing more new students in 2010 to realise their dream to fly.

Cheers for now Lorraine