And Another One!!!

As I was saying we are on a roll. Peter Linard conducted his first solo flight yesterday. Well done Pete. What is really nice is Pete and Ryan the guy who went solo not long ago, featured in a previous post are brothers. I have know these young men for some thirteen years or more so it has been a … [Read more...]

Aircraft For Hire

As we eluded to before Edge Aviation owns it's J160D Jabiru which was bought brand new from the factory. The second one has been on order since last year and we are due to pick it up in mid February this year (next month). This will give us two new training aircraft. The aircraft are identical in … [Read more...]

First Pilot’s Certificate

Forgot to mention in my last post that Ryan Linard has gone on and completed his Pilot's Certificate. Congratulations Ryan. Ryan is now racking up a little more command time and next week we should be starting his navigation training. Now that he can fly the aircraft and can focus on perfecting his … [Read more...]

Another First Solo

Well things are going great guns at Edge Aviation. Bob sent our next student off on his first solo flight. Nick Wilson did everything right this morning in perfect conditions so the time was right for that first solo flight. Some of you would recognise Nick as he is the Duncans grog rep. Nick is … [Read more...]

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to you all. 2010 is going to bring many changes for Edge Aviation. Having spent the past ten years working hard to establish a successful business we now look forward to a little more time for us and trying to give something extra to aviation. The flying … [Read more...]

First Two Solo Students

I have been a bit tardy getting this post up, but better a bit late than not at all. Edge Aviation has it's first two solo students with several more close on their heels. Ryan Linard pictured at left is the son of a close friend of ours. I have watched Ryan grow from a boy to the delightful young … [Read more...]

Bad Behaviour

Well after my Dad passing away I have the renewed view and change of perspective on what is important in this world and what should be our priorities. I was bought up to be honest, fair and considerate of others. Today many people seemed to be just for themselves. They do not care about others, … [Read more...]

A Sad Time

Well things have not been too happy at Edge with the recent passing of my Dad. It was an accident and it came so suddenly and with such a shock. My Dad was a great man and I loved him very much and am going to miss him terribly. It is so true that we need to hold every moment precious to us and … [Read more...]

Update on The Flying Training

Well with more and more students coming on board we find ourselves getting quite busy. We have met up with some great people that have now become a part of the 'Edge' family. Given the weather that we have had of late the new Jabiru has managed in 4 months to be nearly due for its 1st 100 hourly … [Read more...]

The Wedding

My daughter married Michael on the 19th September and we had them flown into the reception venue in a helicopter, an R44 to be precise. This was much to the surprise of the guests who were waiting for them to arrive in the limo!It was a great wedding and a wonderful time was had by all. The Bride … [Read more...]