Bad Behaviour

Well after my Dad passing away I have the renewed view and change of perspective on what is important in this world and what should be our priorities.

I was bought up to be honest, fair and considerate of others. Today many people seemed to be just for themselves. They do not care about others, their feelings, their rights or their wellbeing.

It is important that you can look in the mirror and ask yourself each day, have you been considerate of others, have you been honest and fair? If you cannot answer yes then take a long hard look.

Our lives are very fragile, it may not be old age that gets you, my Dad fell over and hit his head, it may be an unexpected accident that has you here now and gone in the next minute. It is not always about us, me or I. It is about all of us.

People would be surprised to see how much comes back to them if they are caring and honest. Don’t rip people off, don’t be unfair, don’t try and destroy others. The time you spend worrying about others and trying to get at them you could be spending fullfilling the lives of those you love and your own life as well.

I hold dear those that care, are selfless and give a damn about others. The others I do not want in my life. I feel sorry for you. Good, giving and caring will rise above those that push to destroy use and cheat.

The aviation industry has many great people in it. But it is not just our lives it is our business for those like me that make a good living from it. Be honest and fair with people that share the same passion. Good manners along with airmanship is what makes it nice for everyone to be in this world or in the sky together. Look out for and after each other. There is room for all of us, no need to push, we should take time to enjoy, because it could be all over tomorrow.

All you nice people, I welcome you into my life. The rest of you stay away until you see the error of your ways.

Lorraine MacGillivray