Aircraft For Hire

As we eluded to before Edge Aviation owns it’s J160D Jabiru which was bought brand new from the factory. The second one has been on order since last year and we are due to pick it up in mid February this year (next month). This will give us two new training aircraft. The aircraft are identical in every way meaning that should you fly a different aircraft each time, you will not notice any difference other than the registration.

We also have coming on line in mid March this year a brand new J230D Jabiru. This aircraft will also be identical in its fitout. So those wishing to step up to the larger aircraft with a little more ‘grunt’ will make the transition easily.

Small Jabiru01All going well, which it is with the number of students and the hours being flown Edge Aviation will most likely order a further new aircraft mid to later in the year.

So finally those that have learnt to fly locally will have a choice of aircraft available for private hire. No point learning to fly if there is nothing for you to hire.

So ask us about our hire rates and you can set off on that long overdue trip.