Edge Aviation (Aust) was established in March 1999. ‘Edge’ specialises in many aviation related consulting activities. We also hold a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certificate of Approval (C548627) for aircraft and aircraft component (CAR 35 & 36) design. Currently Edge Aviation employs one full time Aeronautical Engineer, two part time Aeronautical Engineers, and a part time AutoCAD Draughtsman.

Lorraine MacGillivray (ARN: 548627)
Manager / Consultant

Lorraine MacGillivray of Edge Aviation

Lorraine has extensive experience in the General Aviation industry. This started with her role as a Finance Manager for a large logistics management Squadron for the Department of Defence – RAAF. Her primary role was to manage the funds associated with Logistics support for 75 aircraft. She also contributed substantially to the design and implementation of a Quality Management System at executive level. She has been involved in significant negotiations with aircraft suppliers and manufacturers during the course of her career. Among her skills she has development of business plans, financial management and is qualified in the following areas:

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Auditing of Quality Systems
  • Logistics Support & Management
  • Financial Mana gement

She holds a current pilots licence including single engine, multi-engine and many endorsements and ratings.

She also holds a Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) Instructor Rating.

Lorraine has significant qualifications in many areas such as Quality management, administration that enable her to successfully manage all the Edge Aviation functions. She is the quality manager for several aviation organisations and has consulted for Ansett Australia & QantasLink.

In the General Aviation Industry she has owned a 50% share of a flying school and charter company. Whilst there she started and ran her own low capacity RPT airline operation of which she was the airline Chief Executive Officer actively involved in the day to day running of this operation.

Lorraine has established a flight training facilit

y for RA-Aus flight training as a satellite of another school. Her aim is to grow this part of the business and become Chief Flying Instructor of her own school.

Robert (Bob) MacGillivray (ARN: 015235)
Chief Design Engineer / Consultant

Bob MacGillivray of Edge Aviation

Bob has been working as a professional Aeronautical Engineer and Pilot for the past 35 years. Not only has he worked in many areas of this industry he has developed a reputation as a very knowledgeable engineer, test pilot and aviation consultant. Due to the quality of his work and his reputation he has become well known to, and respected by CASA. In this time he has achieved the following experience and qualifications:

  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • Graduate Aeronautical Engineering (RMIT-1966)
  • Aircraft Weight Control Authority (No. AV-24)
  • GAF Production Test Pilot Approval
  • RAAF Test Pilot Approval for Military Nomads

Earlier in his career Bob spent 3 years as a civilian Flight Test Engineer with the Aircraft Research & Development Unit (ARDU), RAAF. The next four years were spent as the Regional Performance Engineer with the then DCA, Vic/Tas region.

For the past 25 years he has been a CAR 35 & 36 Design Engineer. Bob has been active as an Aeronautical Engineer during this entire period, being the design signatory for many organisations including the following:

  • Executive Air Services Pty Ltd
  • HC Sleigh Aviation Pty Ltd
  • National Safety Council of Australia
  • Gippsland Aeronautics Pty Ltd
  • Millicer Aircraft Industries Pty Ltd

There are many more organisations other than the ones listed, with Bob being well known and well respected throughout the aviation industry.

In addition to the 35 years of Aeronautical Engineering and over 10,000 flying hours Bob has also been working for the past 15 years as a Technical writer and aviation consultant.

Also an RA-Aus Senior flight instructor Bob looks forward to further involvement with this largest growing sector of the aviation industry.

Bob is also presently the Chief Design Engineer of Gippsland Aeronautics who manufacture the GA8 Airvan, GA200 Agricultural aircraft and who are to put the Nomad aircraft back into production.

Awards & Achievements

fedhealth2004 fedhealth2005

Edge Aviation has been successful in the Federation Health Gippsland Business Awards as the 2004 Service category winner and then in 2005 as a Service Category finalist. Edge Aviation strives to provide their clients with the highest quality of service.

Edge Aviation Awards

Edge Aviation won the Victorian Bicentennial Air Race in October 2003. After 2 days of racing around Central and East Victoria Lorraine MacGillivray with her daughter Kristy Gilligan secured 1st place. $10,000 prize money and a trophy made the event a very profitable weekend.

Apart from the above the most significant achievement is the success of the business!

Edge Aviation has survived the many changes in the aviation industry and has been able to reinvent itself when required to seek out other market opportunities. we see this a a great thing that we have done for the industry as well as ourselves.